Minors not a single drop –schools marathon campaign

Fundación Alcohol y Sociedad
2023 > 2023


To delay the onset of alcohol consumption and reduce the number of underage drinkers.

To raise awareness of the effects of underage drinking.


The Foundation Alcohol and Society promotes sports and alternative activities to prevent underage alcohol consumption.  As part of this they collaborated with the Sports Delegation of the Regional Government of the Community of Madrid to organise workshops during the “Cross Escolar Comunidad de Madrid” where pupils compete in different athletic sports.  Cinesa, a Spanish cinema chain, gave 100 cinema tickets to the marathon winners.

Pupils took part in the School Marathon Minors not a single drop workshop where they received booklets.  The booklet contains information on alcohol and the effects it has on their health, the reasons why adolescents should not drink alcohol, the myths and facts about alcohol, and the law related to underage drink-driving and consumption.  All the issues covered in the booklet were discussed during workshops.


Regional Government Community of Madrid


3,000 pupils from 100 schools from the Community of Madrid participated in the marathon. 


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