Minors not a single drop – INTERBUS/ EMT campaign

Fundación Alcohol y Sociedad
2022 > 2023


To delay the onset of alcohol consumption and reduce the number of underage drinkers.

To raise awareness of the effects of underage drinking.


The Alcohol and Society Foundation and Interbus (Madrid’s urban bus service) joined together to display posters on the buses between 19 April and 30 June 2022. 

  • The posters contained the “Resist the temptation dude.  If you are a minor, zero alcohol” message. They posters were developed in collaboration with the students from “Rey Juan Carlos University” as part of a yearly contest which addresses underage drinking.  They focus on the concept of fighting temptation and show different animals facing different temptations under directive to “Resist temptation dude.  If you are a minor, zero alcohol!”
  • The campaign was presented and supported by Miguel Ángel Blázquez Developing Director, Silvia Jato, Director of Institutional Relations of the Foundation Alcohol and Society and Paqui Mbomio Projects Director of the Foundation Alcohol and Society.

In 2023 the Alcohol and Society Foundation signed an agreement with the EMT (Madrid’s Municipality Transport Company) to join forces against underage drinking.  The agreement was signed and supported by the Environment and Mobility Delegate of Madrid City Council Borja Carabante and Bosco Torremocha Director of the Foundation Alcohol and Society.

  • Materials were created by students and will be displayed from 16 to the 23 of September on Madrid buses’ tv channel.





Between 19 April and 30 June 2022, posters were displayed on 150 buses, 25 day buses, and 3 night buses and were viewed by over 1,100,0000 people.


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