Minors not a drop

Menores Nem Uma Gota
Associação Nacional de Bebidas Espirituosas
2018 > Ongoing
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To reduce the number of underage drinkers

To raise knowledge and awareness of the risks related to underage alcohol consumption

  • delay the age of first drink
  • change understanding around underage drinking to make it socially unacceptable
  • help teachers and parents to set clearer rules for their children and create more tools to change


The Minors not a drop programme was originally conceived and launched in Spain by Espirituosos España, where it has been running for twenty years.  Espirituosos España allowed ANEBE to carry out activities in Portugal under this banner.  The original material was adapted for use in Portugal. 

#menoresnemumagota aims to be a national movement which mobilises Portuguese society around the national goals and objectives described in the PNRCAD2020 (National Plan for the reduction of addictive behaviours) aimed at reducing underage drinking.  The plan aims to help stimulate compliance with the legal requirements of Decree-Law No. 106/2015, which prohibits the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in public for persons under 18 years of age.  Reducing consumption among young people is particularly relevant as it is one of the priorities of the third cycle of action of the national forum on alcohol and health (2017-2020). 

Using the whole of society approach to underage drinking, celebrities, social organisations, public and private institutions are mobilised in working together to reinforce the message that minors should not drink any alcohol.  

Project composition:  

  • School programme for 12-18-year olds: Motivational lectures and theatrical performances aim to teach students about why minors should not drink any alcohol.  An accompanying leaflet addresses the myths surrounding alcohol, the risks and consequences of the use and abuse of alcohol, the effect alcohol has on driving, and what happens to alcohol in the body. 
  • Website: The website provides information about the campaign, its goals and blog updates.
  • Adult training: Educators, parents, teachers and psychosocial technicians are given training on the issues related to underage consumption.  They are made aware of the need to support this age group on alcohol related issues.  The “Guide for Educators” was developed to illustrate the messages raised during training.
  • Social network presence: A Facebook page and Instagram account were created as these next works are used by the underage.  The accounts regularly post advice and updates on issues related to underage consumption as well as updates about the campaign.

In 2019, 3d lettering with the hashtag #menoresnemumagota were displayed in parishes around Portugal.  People were invited to take a picture in front of the lettering and to share it on social networks.  The aim was to expand the reach of the messages and to create greater awareness among young people, parents, owners and employees of entertainment establishments and the population in general.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic a digital campaign was created called “Quem é Boss, sabe escolher (The Boss knows how to choose).  This web-series ran in two phases: June and in November / December.  Each series has 6 episodes.  The presenters (Marine Antunes and Tiago Castro) are well known actors/comedians.  They talked about different topics such as to illustrate that it is possible to enjoy yourself without drinking alcohol.   

In 2021, a book will be published on the web-series at the beginning of the year.  In addition, a training network in schools will be developed to create content on underage drinking for the “Citizenship” subjects in public schools.

Selected videos are attached, the full line up of the campaign videos can be viewed on their YouTube channel.


Regional Health Service Madeira

National Federations of Nursing, Pharmaceutics and Medical Students

Child Friendly School Project (CNJ)

Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ)

National Confederation of Parents (ARS LVT)



  • Views of the second series of videos: “Greater Fears” 11 times, “The First Payer” 30 times.  
  • Views of the first series of videos: “Dreams” 501 times, “Reality Level 1” 185 times, “Game time” 1.600 times, “Insecurities and vulnerabilities” 689 times, “The worst choices ever” 801 times, “The Boss knows how to choose” 856 times. 
  • The Instagram account has 448 posts and 1,637 followers.
  • Facebook page has 2,233 likes and 2,278 followers.
  • Schools in Madeira, Lisbon and Porto have taken part, reaching dozens of young people.

Since 2018, 33 training sessions have taken place reaching 65 adults.  Also, 7 promotional events have taken place in schools, municipalities, and public institutes.





National Youth Meeting
João Paulo Sousa - Humourist
João Paulo Rebelo - Secretary of State For Youth And Sports

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