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To raise awarness of the importance of drinking responsibly.

To remind drinkers not to drink and drive.


At the time that background research for campaign took place, Malta was rapidly easing restrictions related to COVID-19.  It became apparent that fun seeking young people ready to party after the restrictions were being targeted by eager promoters as the perfect audience for a massively packed six months of partying from Easter 2022.  Large music events, many with international DJs to add to the attraction were planned for every weekend, national holiday and the eve of holidays were planned from Easter on.  Also, many tourists from UK and Europe joined the Maltese revellers. Equally, large quantities of alcohol were expected to be consumed. 

Apart from the harm caused by binge drinking, drink driving was again expected to accelerate, adding to increased fatalities due to faster driving on newly finished road networks.  Also, young Maltese drinkers were very much looking forward to this summer especially those who were 17 in 2019 and therefore had not yet been able to attend a large music event.  Many of these are also car new drivers, and envious of older peers’ tradition of partying at their age.  They feel they have missed out and want to make up for it.

Therefore, the social media campaign aimed to reach these young drinkers.  The posts reminded them that they should remember the summer of 2022 for the right reasons; and above all live to remember it!


Total campaign results are:

  • 1,403 post engagements 
  • 392,183 reach
  • 619,031 impressions

Measurement & evaluation

Although the campaign was a relatively small it directly reached the key audience and promted reasonable awareness.  The post campaign survey results with 493 respondents (mostly 17 to 40 years old), show 33% were aware of Drinkaware Malta, 80% understood the message and 66% related to it.



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