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Bacardi wishes to be the most environmentally responsible global drinks company. And the only way to attain such a goal is to continuously explore ambitious, new innovations that set Bacardi on the path toward positive outcomes. Doing what’s right for the planet is part of the company’s recipe for good. Whether it’s investing in water conservation and restoration projects, committing resources to the conservation of natural habitats, transitioning to cleaner and more efficient energy sources at its facilities, finding sustainable alternatives to plastic, reducing GHG emissions and waste to landfill, decreasing its overall environmental footprint and more, Bacardi is committed to doing good for the planet and driving a positive impact in local communities across the globe.


50% Reduction in greenhouse gasses by 2025

PROGRESS: As demand for Bacardi products grew, the company experienced a 25% increase in GHG emissions in Fiscal Year 2022 A road map is in place, including investments in technology, to keep Bacardi on track to achieve its long-term targets (see GHG Road Map in p.40 of report below).

25% Reduction in water consumption by 2025

PROGRESS: Achieved 12% reduction in water consumption from our operations

ZERO Plastics in point-of-sale materials and secondary packaging by 2023; zero plastics by 2030

PROGRESS: 40 metric tons of single-use plastic were eliminated from value-added packages

ZERO Waste to landfill at all production sites

PROGRESS: More than 99.8% of waste from Bacardi factories is already diverted from landfill, and we have achieved zero waste at 19 production sites

100% Of key ingredients sourced from sustainably certified suppliers by 2025

PROGRESS: 49% of our key ingredients are sourced from sustainably certified suppliers

100% Paper and board used for shipping and labels sustainably certified by 2025

PROGRESS: Achieved the following sustainable certification levels: Forest Stewardship Council ® – 95% corrugated, 95% boxboard and 86% labels

100% Of product packaging to be recyclable by 2025

PROGRESS: 92% of our product packaging is recyclable

40% Recycled content of product packaging materials by 2025

PROGRESS: 36% of our product packaging is made from recycled content


See details in the report below.


See above and in the report below.

Measurement & evaluation

Bacardi has set 19 goals aligned with the U.N. SDGs, which correlate to each of the four priority areas. Bacardi reports on progress against these goals on an annual basis in its ESG Report. Additionally, Bacardi has been a longstanding member of the United Nations Global Compact for over 10 years.

Annually, Bacardi published its ESG Report so stakeholders can get an in-depth view of the progress made, including up-to-date data and information. The information is submitted to benchmarking and index organizations for a rating on the company ESG performance.

See details at Bacardi ESG INDEX 2022



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