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To promote responsible drinking.

To share hints and tips around how to be a great host.


“The Good Host Guide” was launched in partnership with Fred Sirieix, Maître d’ and host of Channel 4 series First Dates.  It is grounded in UK-based research (survey of 2,003 UK legal drinking age adults conducted by Opinium between 1st - 7th of November 2019) and created with Maître d’ Fred Sirieix.  It is aimed at giving budding hosts tips around how to look after guests and promote responsible drinking throughout the festive season.

As well as advice from Fred around how to create a great atmosphere, the guide includes tips such as how to stock a festive drinks trolley and a range of recipes including low and no ABV cocktail serves.  Tips from the guide include:

  • Avoid top-ups: topping up glasses and drinks before they’re finished makes it hard for guests to keep track of how much they’ve consumed and can risk leading to excessive drinking.
  • Serve food: serving up plenty of food throughout a celebration is crucial as it helps slow the absorption of alcohol into the body. If you’re not dishing up a full meal, go for snacks with a good balance of protein, fat and carbs.
  • Plan some activities: have some interactive fun planned as part of the celebration, games that don’t revolve around alcohol mean the focus is shifted away from just drinking.
  • Get creative with non-alcoholic cocktails: offering tempting non-alcoholic options like a Seedlip and tonic means guests are more likely to space alcoholic with non-alcoholic drinks throughout the night.
  • End the night right: make sure there is a designated driver amongst your guests or organise a cab home for anyone that needs one.

In May 2020 the “Virtual Good Host Guide” was created to provide people with tips on how to be a great host in a virtual world in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through a series of short animations shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the “Virtual Good Host Guide” provides a range of tips; from encouraging hosts to pick a theme for their online celebrations; to planning the perfect shared playlist; to reminding people to measure their pour when making drinks.  


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The Virtual Good Host Guide
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