Global Waste to landfill reduction program

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Campari Group is committed to reduce total waste from its production sites, through different local initiatives aimed at optimizing the use and disposal of materials, improving efficiency, increasing recycling, recovery and reuse processes.

Global target, including Europe is: Zero waste to landfill within 2025


The company is moving from a linear to circular approach by improving the supply of raw materials and packaging products, maximizing the use of materials and reducing or eliminating them, where possible. With regard to organic waste, the production sites aim to increase the recovery and reuse rate of the by-products generated in our production cycle, using them as animal feed, biomass or compost.


  • The amount of waste produced per liter manufactured is 0.07 kg/L and decreased by -13% compared to 2020 and by -30% compared to 2019.
  • Hazardous waste produced during manufacturing activities represents 0.15% of total waste. Despite this low percentage, the Group explores any technological and scientific innovation ways to prevent and eliminate any such environmental impact. The ratio of hazardous waste produced decreased by -52% compared to 2020 and by -72% compared to 2019.

Measurement & evaluation

From 2013 the QHSE policy has been adopted and applies to all company locations and divisions.
The Group’s environmental performance is certified through international standards (ISO14001/EMAS/ISO50001).
Campari Group has set up a structure dedicated to control environmental pollution, waste, and water disposal and defined and disclosed specific environmental targets aligned with the UN SDGs to be reached by 2025 and 2030.



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