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Απολαύστε Υπεύθυνα
Hellenic Association of Drinks Distributors / Greek Federation of Spirits Producers
2009 > Ongoing


To raise consumer knowledge and awareness of the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.


Launched in 2009 and updated in 2020 and 2024, the consumer information website contains information on subjects such as:

  • HOME: The page offers a link to the Responsible Drinking Quiz #RDQ, what it means to drink responsibly, tips for drinking responsibly, information about alcohol and a calculator to evaluate how much alcohol has been consumed.

  • ALCOHOL IN OUR LIVES: The page has various articles about alcohol such as the effects it has on the body, the meaning of a unit, situations when it’s better not to drink at all, truth and myths, and calculating calories.

  • I CONSUME RESPONSIBLY: The page outlines what it means to drink responsibly with information such as choosing a balanced lifestyle, the role of alcoholic beverages in social situations and low risk drinking guidelines.

  • ACTIONS: The page provides examples of the actions carried out by the association on issues such as “alcohol and driving”, “alcohol and minors” and “responsible serving of alcohol”. It also includes the “Revised Principles of Commitment on Alcoholic Beverage Advertising (2010)” and the “Guidelines for responsible communication of alcoholic beverages (2023)”.

  • MEDIA: The page links to audio-visual and informational material (infographics, videos, photos, presentations, press releases, etc.) that were created for the actions carried out by the association.

The website address appears next to the “Enjoy responsibly” message on every printed and electronic advertisement of the member-companies' products.


The website has around 17,000 unique visitors per year.





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