Enjoy Responsibly

Nauti Kohtuudella
Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation / Finnish Alcoholic Beverages Industries' Association
2014 > Ongoing


To provide information about responsible drinking.


The consumer information website was launched mid-2014 and was revamped in 2017.  It provides summary information on the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption and a healthy attitude to alcohol.  It contains sections on:

  • 0-Tolerance: Provides information on the groups that shopd not drink – Under 18’s, pregnant women and drivers.
  • The energy content of alcohol: Provides information on the amount of calories in a drink and how to calculate them.
  • Track your spending: Provides information on how to keep track of the number of drinks consumed, how to calculate BAC levels and what a standard drink is.
  • Ask the expert: Through a series of questions and answers, experts provide advice to parents about how to talk to their children about alcohol, How to apply moderate drinking to a restaurant situation and How to keep safe when boating.


Association of Finnish Alcoholic Beverage Suppliers (SAJK)


The website had 81 visitors in 2017.




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