Enjoy in moderation

Maßvoll genießen
Working Group on Alcohol and Responsibility / Bundesverband der Deutschen Spirituosen-Industrie und -Importeure e.V.
2009 > Ongoing


To provide comprehensive information on the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.


The consumer information website was launched in 2009.  It was updated in 2013 and optimised for mobile devices.  In February 2020 it was again updated and a soft relaunch of the website a new database for 46 types of spirits took place.  Sections include:

  • Health: Information about healthy, conscious alcohol consumption that includes low-risk levels of consumption and when not to drink.
  • Enjoyment: Information about enjoying responsibly that includes videos with responsible drinking messages by “Indulgence Ambassadors” who give their own definitions of “enjoyment” including: TV chef Nelson Müller; cultural scientist Prof. Dr Thomas Hengartner; doctor and psychotherapist Prof. Dr Martina Leibovici-Mühlberger; Andreas and Waldemar Wegelin from the company Tastillery; Craft Spirits Festival Destille Berlin 2017 participants, Member of the European Parliament Ulrike Müller; Prof. Dr Bernd Kleine-Gunk; Julica Renn, Gin distiller; Glass factory owner Benedikt Freiherr von Poschinger and Barrel manufacturer Mattern. The clips encourage consumers to reflect on their own definition of moderation and how they set their own limits. They are also available on the “Enjoy in moderation” YouTube channel and Facebook
  • Nutritional Values: Provides an overview of the nutritional values and ingredients of various types of spirits.
  • Responsibility: Provides information on self-regulation in advertising, brand names and packaging and in alcoholic drink sales.
  • Society: Information for different situations when alcohol consumption could be problematic such as when coping with stress or at work.
  • Leisure: About enjoying leisure activities without alcohol such as when driving, riding a bike and skiing.

In addition, the use of the responsible drinking message “Massvoll-geniessen.de” and logo is encouraged for all BSI company members commercial communications.  The responsible drinking messages comply with the German Advertising Standards Council’s Code of Conduct as part of BSI’s approach for responsible marketing of spirits and spirits-based drinks.


In 2022,

  • Approx. 71% of all social media activities displayed a consumer protection notice.
  • The website and the social media channels of the campaign reached of 2.4 million.

Until December 2021

  • The website had over 5.4 million visitors and 10.7 million page views in total.
  • The Facebook page (since February 2017) had 748 followers.  Videos reached around 149,540 and were viewed 43,287 times.  Facebook posts reached 355,529.
  • The “Enjoy” messages on the YouTube channel had 22,494 views.

In 2021, 86% of BSI members used the “Massvoll-geniessen.de” responsible drinking message/logo or an international logo used by one of the global spirits groups in their advertising.




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