Driving = Responsibility

Шофиране = Отговорност
Pernod Ricard
2015 > 2017


To prevent drunk-driving among 18-25 year olds.
To inform 18-25 year olds about the dangers of drinking and driving.
To alert the responsible authorities of the high school’s curricpar need (12th grade) of an educational module dedicated to safe driving.
To offer a working model dedicated to the dangers of drinking and driving applicable in "The Class Hour” in high schools.


The project was designed as a two year programme which can continue independently after these two years.   It focused on schools and teachers of 12th grade students. Discussion was held in the existing Bulgarian School's "The Class Hour" dedicated to discussing topics that are interesting and important for students.  Tools provided included:

  • "A second Chance" short film.
  • "Driving = Responsibility" comic book. 
  • “Be responsible – do not believe in myths” comic book which shatters the myth of being able to sober quickly.
  • A teacher's guide on how to organise a discussion on the topic, including key starting points and important messages in order to be able to properly conduct the special
  • "Driving=Responsibility" class. 

Although the focus was on schools, universities and students were also targeted. Tools were created in order to have an interesting lecture on "Driving=Responsibility", including a screening of the short film "A second Chance" and improvisational theatre performance (modern, interactive form of theatre) on the "Driving=Responsibility" topic. These events are organised and conducted by Pernod Ricard in cooperation with universities.

The programme materials were available on the dedicated website (no longer live). 

2015/2016 - first year of the project – Pilot: The pilot was launched at the end of October 2015 and ended in June 2016 (the end of school year 2015/2016).  
2016/2017 - second year of the project: In the second year, the project attracted partners which enabled it to expand to driving schools. In an addition the traffic police will hand out the “Be responsible – do not believe in myths” comic book to all new drivers that receive a driving license.


Partners from the second year:

  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs - Traffic Police Department
  • Union of Bulgarian Automobilists
  • Bulgarian Association of victims in car accidents
  • Parents Association
  • spiritsBulgaria (ran their own support activities) 



  • 250 high schools and 4 universities took part reaching 680 high school students and 150 university students
  • 39 discussions were held in high schools on the topic of “Driving=Responsibility”.
  • 3 lectures were held in universities on the topic of “Driving=Responsibility”.

The project won the "Award for Road Safety" 2016 in "companies and corporations" category of the "Annual Awards for Road Safety" (www.nagradi.org).  The contest is organised by Bulgarian traffic police, Bulgarian association of victims in accidents and "People, roads, cars" radio show. 


  • 200 discussions held in high schools on the topic.
  • 4 lectures held in universities on the topic.
  • 40 discussions held in 23 drivers schools on the topic.

Measurement & evaluation

External independent evaluation took place at the end of the first year of the project.  Results show:

  • 95% of teachers that took part in the programme state that is useful and necessary to have the subject of the dangers of drink driving during the “class hour”.
  • 100% of the teachers stated that the educational tools were interesting for their students and that they would use them again.
  • 100% of the teachers would recommend the programme to colleagues. 
  • 89% of students stated that the tool was interesting; 57% of which learned something new in class.
  • 85% of students after would not drink and drive and 90% would not get into a car with a driver who had been drinking due to their participation in the programme.




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