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To raise awareness about responsible consumption and to provide basic guidance on alcohol.

To encourage consumers to drink better and not more.

To equip employees with the tools and confidence to “be the best” ambassadors for the responsible enjoyment of alcohol.


Diageo wants consumers to drink better and not more.  They believe that arming consumers with facts about alcohol will help them make better decisions and encourage them to pass this information on to family and friends.  

DRINKiQ is a global resource to help people make responsible choices about drinking – or not drinking.  It contributes to Diageo's commitment to promote moderation and to reach five million adults by 2025.

For all Diageo employees: the 15 to 30-minute session includes:

  • Sessions to engage employees behind the responsible drinking message so that they may make better informed and more conscious choices as consumers.
  • Interactive session on the enjoyment of alcohol.
  • Consistent content and messages with some local tailoring. 

For consumers: The DRINKiQ.com website provides information and practical advice and was updated in 2020.  It is available in 18 languages and 43 country sites.  It contains the following sections:

  • Articles: Drinking and your body; Drinking and your mind; Support with drinking and About alcohol.
  • Drinking self-assessment: A self-assessment test based on WHO’s AUDIT tool to help determine the user’s risk of problem drinking.
  • Test your knowledge of alcohol: to evaluate how much the user knows about drinking.
  • Get help: A list of resources and support available.


November 2019 to 16 June 2020: 41,001 people completed the quiz online across 9 EU countries (BE, DK, FR, DE, GR, IT, ES, SE).  A total of nearly half a million visitors have visited the website.

Until March 2019: Over 400,000 responsible drinking ambassadors were trained globally and over 23,000 employees reached globally (18,000 in EU Member States.  An average of 200 new employees take part in the programme every year. 

In 2018, 2,885 adults throughout Europe used DRINKiQ. 

In 2015, 37,000 people were trained, including hospitality industry trainers, students, traffic police, bus drivers, members of the lifestyle media and professional sports clubs. 

Measurement & evaluation

68% of the 41,001 users who completed the quiz said their knowledge about alcohol had increased because of it.

In 2008 employees were asked to answer a survey of which 25% responded: 97% said they agreed that it was good to see Diageo talking about responsible drinking with employees; 82% thought that having attended DRINKiQ they now felt better equipped to have conversations about responsible drinking with friends, family and colleagues; 65% said that after attending the DRINKiQ workshop they felt better about Diageo’s values; 85% felt that the discussion that DRINKiQ prompted was realistic and 86% felt more informed for having attended DRINKiQ.

The value survey of new employees: 91% agreed with the statement “Diageo is effective in promoting responsible drinking” (98% response rate).





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