DRINKiQ for employees

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2010 > Ongoing
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To raise awareness about responsible consumption for employees.
To give basic guidance on alcohol.
To raise the collective "DRINKiQ" of employees, customers, partners, suppliers and a wider audience.
To equip employees with the tools and confidence to "be the best" ambassadors for responsible enjoyment of alcohol.


The campaign began in Australia in 2005 and was then rolled out globally from January 2008.  The course included:
Sessions to engage employees behind the responsible drinking message so that they may make better informed and more conscious choices as consumers.
Interactive session on the enjoyment of alcohol.
Consistent content and messages with some local tailoring.

Take the quiz to test your knowledge.


The campaign globally reached 23,000 employees (11,033 in EU Member States).
More than 18,000 employees have been on the programme since its launch (until December 2010).
50 DRINKiQ posters were displayed in the offices across the EU.
An average of 200 new employees take part in the programme every year. 

Measurement & evaluation

The value survey of new employees: 91% agreed with the statement "Diageo is effective in promoting responsible drinking" (98% response rate).
In 2008 all attendees were asked to answer a survey of which 25% responded:

97% said they agreed that it was good to see Diageo talking about responsible drinking with employees.
82% thought that having attended DRINKiQ they now felt better equipped to have conversations about responsible drinking with friends, family and colleagues.
65% said that after attending the DRINKiQ workshop they felt better about Diageo's values.
85% felt that the discussion that DRINKiQ prompted was realistic.
86% felt more informed for having attended DRINKiQ.




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