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To raise awareness of the Dutch guidelines on low risk levels of consumption.

To provide information on alcohol products.

To eradicate the various misconceptions about alcohol.

To enable people to be more aware of their consumption levels, both inside and outside of the home.


The responsible drinking website was launched in December 2011 as a response to research showing that the Dutch are not well informed about alcohol (see pre-campaign research below).

The website was updated in 2013 and again in 2021.  The updated website contains the following sections:

  • ALCOHOL KNOWLEDGE: What happens to you when you drink alcohol, can men tolerate alcohol better and what the influence of food is.
  • ALCOHOL AND YOUR BODY: How alcohol is absorbed, what alcohol tolerance is, how blood alcohol levels are determined, what the risks of drinking too much are, what makes you feel drunk and what is a hangover.
  • CALORIES: Calories in different spirit drinks.
  • WHEN NOT TO DRINK: Situations when you shouldn’t drink such as driving, pregnancy, taking medication, exercising and underage.
  • ONEUNIT: Link to the oneUNIT website.


Since 2016 the website has had an average of 1,220 users per month and an average of 2.5 pages per session.  Promotional activities around the 2013 relaunch reached around 45 million resulting in 45,000 visitors to the site.  

Measurement & evaluation

2014: A survey by Maurice de Hond (see attached video) asked what contains more alcohol - a standard glass of beer, wine or spirits?  Results shows that 45% of the respondents think that there is more alcohol in spirits.  50% of women and 39% of men gave the wrong answer.  This knowledge gap increased with age and lower education levels.

Pre-campaign research was carried out by Panel Wizard (1071 respondents) showed that:

  • Half thought that a standard glass of whisky had more alcohol than a standard glass of wine, beer or gin.
  • 37% thought that two standard glasses of wine contained as much alcohol as one standard glass of spirit.
  • 62% were unaware that standard measures of beer, wine, and distilled spirits all contain the same amount of alcohol.
  • Almost half thought that spirits were more harmful to their health than wine or beer and 70% thought that red wine was better for their health than white wine.
  • 39% regularly drank five or more drinks per week at home whilst 53% preferred to drink at the weekend.





2014: Maurice de Hond
2011: Misunderstanding about the effects of alcohol

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Drink Wise Factsheet (in Dutch) (pdf - 0.95 Mo)
Drink Wise Press Release (in Dutch) (pdf - 0.27 Mo)