Drink Wisely

Joo Targalt
Estonian Association of Alcohol Producers and Importers
2009 > Ongoing


To raise awareness of responsible drinking.


The consumer information website contains the following sections:

  • Alcohol: Information on what alcohol is and types of alcoholic beverages.
  • Alcohol and Health: provides advice on: Alcohol and the body, Alcohol and sport, Alcohol and pregnancy, Alcohol and pupils, Having a drink after work.
  • Alcohol and safety: provides advice on: Legal and illegal alcohol, Alcohol and driving, Alcohol at work, How to know if you drink too much, How to control your consumption, How to avoid a hangover ("the morning syndrome") and what to do if a fun evening ends badly.
  • It also has a section on the "Drink Water" campaign.


Alcohol Importers Union


In 2017 the website had 9,870 unique visitors (up from around 2,000 per year). This increase is due to the water campaign. In March and April the website was the campaign’s homepage, in September and October the main information was posted on Facebook, but the number of website visitors still increased compared to other months.




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