Drink Water website

Vett Vahele
Estonian Association of Alcohol Producers and Importers
2009 > Ongoing
#AwarenessRaising #Consumerinfowebsite


To raise awareness of responsible drinking.


A responsible consumption section was added to the “Drink Water” website in 2020 and the stand-alone consumer information website was closed. 

The “Principles of responsible alcohol consumption” section contains the following topics: Alcohol is part of food culture; Know your limits; Monitor your alcohol content; For adults only; Don't drink and drive or swim and Not for pregnant women.


The website had over 735 visits in 2023.

The website had over 5,000 visits in 2020.

In 2017 the website had 9,870 unique visitors (up from around 2,000 per year). This increase is due to the water campaign. In March and April the website was the campaign’s homepage, in September and October the main information was posted on Facebook, but the number of website visitors still increased compared to other months.




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