Drink Unit

Ital Mertek
Hungarian Spirits Association
2008 > Ongoing


To inform consumers about low risk levels of consumption and to promote a shared understanding of what it means to drink responsibly.

To raise awareness of responsible alcohol consumption.


The website was launched in June 2008 accompanied by the distribution of leaflets explaining the "2340" guidelines.  Also in 2008, a radio contest to test consumer understanding of the "2340" concept was run during the Autumn and a stand was set up to introduce consumers to the "2340" and "designated driver" principles during the August 2008 Hajógyári Sziget Festival, as well 3 others.  

In 2010 the concept was revamped and the “Italmertek” (drink unit) slogan was launched and a new website was created.  The website was again updated in 2021.  It contains a section on responsible consumption, a quizzes and facts section and a section on campaigns.

The website is supported by a Facebook page which regularly posts responsible drinking information, quizzes and campaign information and an Instagram page.


In 2021, the website had around 150 visitors per month which rose to a total of almost 6,000 over the August to October period due to promotional activities and relaunch of the website.  Almost 14,500 pages were viewed during this period.  Website visits for 2018 – 2020 are not available. 2017: The website had over 11,502 visits in 2017 and almost 20,000 page views.  2016: The website had over 2,700 unique visitors and over 5,000 page views. 

As of November 2021, the Facebook page has over 4,500 “likes”.

2-3 million listeners listened to the "2340" message on radio KossuthNapközben on 30 August 2009 and 500,000 flyers were distributed from launch until December 2009.

Measurement & evaluation

The messages are communicated and measured by GFK, an independent organisation, (and before that by Gallup).  A representative survey of 500 consumers in January 2015 shows:

  • Awareness of the "Italmérték" umbrella brand has stagnated (6% compared to 6% the previous year), though the website became more known (4% vs 2% in 2014).
  • Awareness of the measurement of a standard unit remained unchanged (37% compared to 37% in 2014).
  • Understanding of the meaning of 2-3-4-0 responsible drinking rule has increased (66% compared to 64% in 2014).


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