Drink Responsibly

Pij Odpowiedzialnie
Polski Przemysł Spirytusowy
2008 > Ongoing


To promote responsible drinking.


PPS launched the first Polish consumer information website in July 2008 and was updated in 2014 then totally revamped in 2016.  It contains:

Responsible drinking information such as what alcohol is, the effects of alcohol on the body, recommended levels of consumption, when not to drink at all, and the consequences of alcohol abuse. 
Information on actions carried out directed at pregnant women, drivers, youth, consumers and alcohol sellers.
Information on non-commercial alcohol, the “are you responsible game?” and the “Always.  Alcohol Responsibly” campaign.
online calculator counting consumed alcohol and calories.
It is promoted on labels, on communication materials at events and during social campaigns.  


The number of unique visitors in 2011 was 28,500, in 2012 it was 16,754, in 2013 it was 35,540, in 2014 it was was 23,407.
The number of unique visitors in 2015 was 18,902.
The number of unique visitors in 2016 was 72 000.
The number of unique visitors in 2017 was 1.8 million.




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Consumer information leaflet (2016) (pdf - 1.11 Mo)