Don't drink alcohol from illegal points of sales

Nie pij alkoholu nieznanego pochodzenia
Polski Przemysł Spirytusowy
2012 > 2013


To raise awareness that alcohol is only legal to buy only in designated points of sales

To promote the new strip stamp verification system (SIBA)

To educate society that legal alcohol is from legal producers with strip stamps


The mini media campaign was conducted in October 2012.  A flyer was published in the major daily newspapers to inform consumers about how to recognise legal alcohol which is easily identifiable with the new strip stamps verification system (SIBA).  In addition posters were displayed around Poland, a pop-up was added to the drink responsibly website and a Facebook page was created. 

The new system is based on the website where anyone can enter number, series and date of strip stamps production and check if it was produced by the Polish Security Printing Works or not.  Information is then given on the band pattern with instruction on what should be noted to be certain that it is a legal product.


Ministry of Finance, Customer Service and Polish Security Printing Works


600,000 press ads were published and 16,000 posters were displayed in the Board of Customs Tax Offices, bazaars, markets, off licences and restaurants. The Facebook page was "liked" over 4,300 times (until 8 August 2013).


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