Courvoisier Packaging Redesign

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2021 > Ongoing
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Improve sustainability of Courvoisier Packaging from the recycled content in the design choices to right-weighting bottles and ensuring the recyclability of the product.


Beam Suntory use a cloud-based life cycle assessment solution to evaluate their packaging, helping them build in sustainability right from the start. As part of this, Beam Suntory analysed their existing packaging options against a range of environmental performance criteria and developed guidelines that inform future packaging design decisions earlier in the development process. In 2021, Maison Courvoisier refreshed its bottles, labels and packaging designs.


  • With the new bottles, the volume of glass used per year has been reduced by 241 tonnes, which will avoid approximately 145 tonnes of CO2 emissions.
  • In addition, materials and manufacturing technologies have been carefully selected to limit the weight and the CO2 emissions of its products.
  • Bakelite, mono-materials or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper are examples of initiatives that help Maison Courvoisier to reduce its environmental impact.




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