Cotswold Distillery against greenhouse gases

Cotswold Distillery against greenhouse gases
The Wine and Spirit Trade Association
United Kingdom
2014 > Ongoing
#C02Emissions #WasteManagement #WaterUse


Since 2014, Cotswolds is committed to reducing carbon emissions, reducing energy usage, and investing in low carbon technologies in order to ensure the lowest possible carbon footprint by the distillery.


In order to achieve the objectives, the Cotswold Distillery has been:

  • Sourcing locally all barley used in the whisky and all lavender used in the gin
  • Removing distillation waste to create bio-fuel
  • Harvesting heat from waste to preheat the next batch going into the still
  • Returning excess heat in the production system to heat water for the site
  • Installing solar panels on our warehouse to contribute to the energy used on site
  • Sending mash waste created in our whisky production for use by a local farmer for animal feed
  • Planting apple trees to help mitigate against our C02 footprint


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