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To increase the availability of useful information and practical advice on moderate and responsible alcohol consumption.

To raise awareness of the importance of responsible and moderate drinking and the recommended low risk drinking guidelines


The consumer information website was launched in May 2022.  It provides information on the importance of responsible and moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages.  The website aims to increase the availability of useful information and practical advice on moderate and responsible alcohol consumption, so that the consumer can drink alcohol in a safe and responsible manner.  It contains sections on: 

  • Alcohol at work: Explains the law in relation to alcoholic beverages and other addictive substances before and at work.
  • About Alcohol: Contains a number of sections, including, advice for drinking alcohol in different situations, such as at music festivals and during the summer; what alcohol is, what a standard drink is and its effect on the body; how to drink responsibly and when not to drink; alcohol and the law and myths about alcohol.
  • Tips: A tips page with advice for different target audiences.
  • Tools: A link to the Responsible Drinking Quiz #RDQ.
  • I Serve Responsibly: A page with information on the “I Serve Responsibly” online training for catering employees.

The launch was accompanied by PR and native media articles using content prepared for the web page, including the Responsible Drinking Quiz #RDQ.  The articles were published in the most relevant and read Croatian online media (news portals).


The website had 2,900 unique visitors and 5,900 page views until December 2022.  

Launch Promotions:

  • Influencer activity: 1 Facebook post reached 151,414 people, 1 Instagram post had 29,494 engagements, 5 Instagram stories reached around 27,000 per story and 1 TikTok video had 7,785 views. 
  • Media activity: 9 PR articles reached around 30,000 people and 5 native articles reached around 90,000.  Also, media shared 8 articles onto their Facebook and Instagram pages which were engaged with 31 times.



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