Certified Vegan Brighton Gin

Certified Vegan Brighton Gin
The Wine and Spirit Trade Association
United Kingdom
2016 > Ongoing
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The objectives of the Brighton Gin distillery is to reduce its environnement footprint by promoting local sourcing, reducing energy and water use as well as by increasing the percentage of recycled glass in bottles.


The Brighton Gin has been certified Vegan by the Vegan Society, probable the only vegan-registered gin in the UK. This includes the glue to fix the labels and the (locallly-sourced!) bottle sealing wax in our signature Brighton Gin green. 

  • Brighton Gin support sustainable agriculture by using only 100% organic pure wheat spirit, locally-grown coriander seed (the first UK commercially grown coriander seed in over 200 years) and milk thistle, which is indigenous to the South Downs region.
  • Spirit production is heavily reliant on the water use but the distillery has a special water-cooling system in place which recycle the water needed to produce Brighton Gin
  • The bottles are made at one of the last remaining English Glass manufacturers and is garanteed to be at least 40% recycled glass, some of which is collected from the Brighton area.
  • In August 2017, Brighton Gin launched a pledge among their distributors and consumers to say " no to plastic straws"
  • Last but not least, whenever possible, the Brighton Gin is delivered through the "gin bicycles" reducing some of the company carbon footprint. 


Brighton Gin


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