Promoting healthy habits in pregnant women

Campaña para la promoción de hábitos saludables en embarazadas
Fundación Alcohol y Sociedad
2011 > Ongoing
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To inform pregnant women about the risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy and when breastfeeding.

To promote abstinence among pregnant women.


Although most women in Spain aged between 18 and 40 believe that it is not acceptable to drink alcohol during pregnancy, about 25% of the 500,000 pregnant women every year do drink.  These women do so because they do not believe that drinking alcohol while pregnant poses a risk to their child.  The campaign was created to educate these women about the risks of this behaviour but also to promote healthy habits during pregnancy.

The “zero alcohol” message during pregnancy and breastfeeding is spread through

  • Information leaflets distributed at clinics.
  • Midwives sharing information about the risk related to drinking alcohol while pregnant and talking about healthy habits during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

A pilot campaign was launched in 2011.  The roll-out of the full campaign was put on hold until 2020 when a new agreement was signed with the Spanish Midwives Association allowing it to be launched nationally.

In 2022, the Spanish Midwives Association renewed the agreement by committing to distribute posters to national clinics.


Spanish Midwives Association (2020)

The National Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists - SEGO (2011)



In 2023: 1,000 information leaflets will be distributed to 1,000 clinics across the country.

In 2022 the Spanish Midwives Association distributed 1,000 posters to national clinics.

In 2020: The leaflet was distributed through midwives, websites, social media, etc.

In 2011: Over 240,000 information leaflets were distributed to 2,400 clinics and over 500 leaflets at a medical congress.



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