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To increase awareness of the risks related to drink-driving.

To increase awareness of the effects of alcohol on driving.

To reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents.

To increase awareness of drink-driving laws and BAC levels.

To increase knowledge and skills of on-trade staff about the risks of drinking-driving and the importance of not serving drivers.


The campaign was created due to the fact that although Slovakia has zero tolerance for drink-driving (more than 0.1% BAC is a criminal offense) this does not prevent some drivers from driving after consuming alcohol.  It was originally run between 2012 and 2016 before being relaunched in 2023.  

Recent police statistics (2022) show that more than 10,000 drivers drove under the influence and around 10% of accidents (1,236 of the 12,065 accidents) were caused by drivers under the influence.  Also, an analysis by the Allianz Centre for Technology (AZT) found alcohol was involved in 1 in 10 fatal car accidents, men are more at risk than women and young drivers aged between 21 and 24 are most at risk.  Finally, in 2022, Allianz processed 56 insurance claims where the driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol.  The total cost for these accidents exceeded 810,000 €.  This compared to 2011, with 95 such insurance claims exceeding 620,000 €.  These figures highlight the need for this campaign.  

The campaign focuses on drivers who would normally drive after drinking alcohol.  It aims is to help them understand that drink-driving is dangerous and to point out potential risks if they choose to drive while intoxicated.  Not only is there a risk of imprisonment or a fine, but also a risk of material damage - especially to the health and lives of themselves, other motorists or pedestrians resulting in financial consequences.  It is hoped that the financial “argument” would encourage them to change their risk behaviour. 

Friday is when the most traffic accidents usually occur so trained volunteers visit selected cafés and bars throughout Slovakia during the weekend to:

  • Warn patrons about the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol. They hand out a fictitious “accident receipt” in place of the usual waiter when a customer asks for the bill.  
    • The receipt lists items for 3 affected parties like “funeral cost: 3,308.80 €”; “loss of earnings: 4,000.00 €” and “pain: 5,200.OO €”. The total amount to be paid is almost 100,000 €. 
    • The top of the receipt reads in capital letters “when driving, don’t drink! It is dangerous, against the law and can be really expensive!”.
    • The back of the receipt explains that the cost is because the insurance company is not obliged to pay the full cost of an accident if the driver is under the influence of alcohol. Under certain circumstances, the insurance company may even request that medical costs are reimbursed.
  • Patrons are also encouraged to take a breathalyser test to measure their breath alcohol level (BAC). 

In addition to the “accident receipt” and breathalyser test for patrons:

  • Promotional materials for venues: a leaflet for tables, a poster and a door sticker which can be displayed on the door to show that they are taking part in the campaign.
  • “Fun tables:” have information materials and games.
  • Dedicated website: contains an introduction, information about the campaign, the law and risks related to drink-driving, a list of venues that take part and a news section.
  • Bolt taxis: offer a special promo code for new users of the application. By using this promo code, the user is taken home for free.
  • A press conference, press releases and social media posts (Facebook and Instagram) target a wider public.


Ministry of the Interior

Slovak Police

Allianz (insurance foundation) (alcohol testers)

Bolt (taxi service)


299 venues took part.

  • Accident receipt: 100,000 units were handed out.
  • Leaflet A6: 20,000 units were handed out.
  • Poster A3: 1,000 units were handed out.
  • Door sticker: 1,000 units were handed out.
  • Of 1,500 people 275 checked their BAC level.

Social media:

  • 18 Facebook posts reached 207,636 people generating 107 comments, 37,382 engagements, 4,916 link clicks, 113 shares and 40,150 video views.
  • 14 Instagram posts reached 77,523 people generating 34 comments, 16,547 engagements; 91 saves and 51,540 video views.
  • The link to Ucetzanehodu was clicked by 5,000 people.

200 special Bolt promo codes were used.

53 media outputs reached a total of 4,888,360 people.




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