Bartender Hero

Bartender Hero
2019 > 2020
#AwarenessRaising #On-trade


To foster the culture of responsibility.

To promote responsible serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages among bartenders.


Bartender Hero was developed by Campari leveraging on Campari Academy which teaches the art of bartending and bar management and has an established community of bartenders.

Bartender Hero was aimed at making bartenders more aware of how to serve alcoholic drinks responsibly.  Launched as a pilot in Italy at the Campari Academy in November 2019, the initiative was run throughout 2020 to encourage bartenders to serve alcoholic beverages in a spirit of moderation and sociability.  

Bartenders took a quiz to ascertain their professional strengths and weaknesses, such as how they interact with customers or how they mix the drinks.  Once they established their own profile, each bartender took a test containing questions on:

  • Alcoholic drinks and how to serve them
  • The management of venues licensed to sell alcoholic drinks
  • Industry laws and regulations
  • Questions targeted at the test taker designed to work on their weaknesses established in the quiz.

After each question, a pop-up with more information on the correct answer was given.  Participants therefore had the opportunity to acquire new skills and work on their weaknesses. 

Once completed, the participant received a digital certificate and was invited to find out more about the topic of responsibility and to stay updated on new Campari Academy courses.  Participants could also enter a prize draw to:

  • Win a masterclass at the Campari Academy to create their own drinks list and put into practice the new skills they had acquired by spending an evening working alongside bar manager Tommaso Cecca at the Camparino in the Galleria in Milan.
  • Win a trip to London (the top prize in the draw) where they would have discovered some of the most famous cocktail bars, all in the spirit of responsibility, moderation and sociability. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the 'experiential' prizes had to be replaced with physical ones.  This was done without abandoning the educational yet responsible nature surrounding the initiative.

 Campari Group is now working on the global deployment of Bartender Hero.


During the first year of the pilot's, nearly 2,000 bartenders participated in Bartender Hero.  The actual impact broader as each bartender, after being trained, can transmit the learned principles on responsibility directly to consumers in their day-to-day activities.



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