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To raise awareness of the harmful impact and the risk of consuming unlabelled alcoholic beverages.

To inform the consumer about the law and the obligation of bars and restaurants serving alcoholic products to comply with it.

To ensure the traceability of spirits and the avoidance of practices that limit the right of consumers to information regarding the products.


Although the law regulates the presentation and labelling of alcoholic beverages it is common practice for restaurants to serve a free after meal shot in an unlabelled bottle.  They reason that buying a cheap 5 litre bottle and then transferring the contents to smaller unlabelled bottles is a good way to save money.  Indeed, 80% of consumers assert that they have been served alcohol this way although 67% do not know that the law prohibits this practice.  Consumers also appreciate the practice as they feel that the drink is better quality as it is “homemade”.

Therefore, the campaign is not only targeted at consumers but also at the owners of bars and restaurants:

  • Consumers: change the perception that an after-dinner spirit or cream spirit served in an unlabelled bottle is better as it is “homemade.”
  • Staff and owners of restaurants: inform them that it is illegal to transfer the contents of alcoholic drinks from labelled to unlabelled bottles.

The campaign was launched in three phases:

  • Phase one: Quantitative and qualitative research was carried out to find out if consumers knew about the law and if restaurants complied with it. 
  • Phase two: A public relations (PR) message was launched with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and the hospitality federation.  The message underlines the importance of complying with the law and the need for its enforcement.
  • Phase three: A mass media campaign was launched.  An advertisement was launched on the internet and radio advert was aired on different radio programmes/stations.


Hospitality Federation (FEHR)

Ministry of Agriculture


The radio campaign (ser, cope, onda cero) reached the planned objective: 364 ads were broadcast reaching more than 18 million listeners.

The digital campaign (mediaset, Atresmedia, youtube) exceeded the objective: 520,000 (+34.38%) of the target audience were reached (planned 110,006).  Mediaset had a CTR (click-through rate) of 2.62% and Atresmedia a CTR of 1.68%.  This exceeds the average which is usually between 0.50-1%.

The number of views on Facebook was 202,089 (+1.04% on the planned 200,000).

The was also excellent results in the El comidista blog which exceeded the impression target by 518.25%.  In addition, publications on El comidista’s social media (YouTube channel, FB and twitter) were placed without charge providing an 36 additional hours of presence.  This gained a total of 16,692,760 impressions.



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