God Alkoholkultur
2014 > 2019
#Parents&Teachers #AwarenessRaising


To collect information on alcohol in a single knowledge base to ensure that students, parents and teachers receive identical messages and information about alcohol in the context of students. 

The general purpose is to delay students’ first encounter with alcohol and to reduce alcohol consumption among those who have already started to drink. 


The website is divided into four sections:

  • A subpage aimed at pupils. This page contains factual information, help with homework on alcohol, lists of counselling organizations, tips for handling alcohol sensibly, games about good road etiquette, quizzes about alcohol, risk-taking tests etc.
  • A subpage aimed at parents. This page contains factual information, guidelines for delaying young people’s first encounter with alcohol, tools for handling discussions about alcohol, benchmarks for the well-being of students, setting up parent networks etc.
  • A subpage aimed at secondary school teachers. This page contains factual information, a variety of teaching resources, guidelines and tools for organizing parents’ meetings and a number of other offerings that can be used in class.
  • A subpage aimed at High School teachers. This page contains text and film for use in class in the academic subjects of Biology, Danish, Social Science, Psychology and English. Scientific articles and discussion papers from news magazines and films are provided for use in classroom discussions. The films consist of interviews with young people, researchers and opinion-makers on alcohol culture, the lives of students and identify formation.  


In 2018, had 70,635 unique visitors. 



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