Agreement between the National Pharmaceutical Society and FAS

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To inform about and raise awareness of the consequences of underage drinking.


In 2017, FAS signed an agreement with the national Pharmaceutical Society to run an information campaign with the “Minors, not a drop” motto.  In preparation, the Foundation provided an online workshop to pharmacists to teach them how to carry out the campaign.  In addition, they received a guide and an infographic which contain information about how to discourage alcohol consumption in children, and how to promote habits of responsibility and moderation among adults.

The campaign was launched at national level in partnership with the National Pharmaceutical Society.  It aims to take advantage of the potential of pharmaceutical professionals as health prescribers to prevent underage consumption by supporting the families of young people and by generating social awareness on the issue.

Information posters and flyers are distributed by pharmacies to young people and their families, and also to the general public.  When distributing the flyers to parents, pharmacists make sure parents understand the adverse effects that alcohol consumption can have on minors.  They can also provide additional support to the advice provided in the flyers.  All the materials include a QR code to download the information.

In 2017, the Catanbria Pharmaceutical Society provided the training course to its pharmacists. 

In 2019, the campaign was promoted in different Autonomous Communities such as Galicia (Ourense), Cantabria, and Extremadura, always in collaboration with the public administration.

In 2020, the campaign was promoted in collaboration with regional Government and local Pharmaceutical Society in Lugo, Palma de Mallorca, and Madrid.

In 2022, the commitment with the Cantabria Pharmaceutical Society was renewed in 2022.


The National Pharmaceutical Society

Community of Madrid

The Madrid Pharmaceutical Society

The Cantabria Pharmaceutical Society


The campaign has a potential network of 22,000 pharmacies and 48,500 pharmacists.

In 2022, 1,004 pharmacists in Cantabria took part in the training course after the agreement was renewed.  In 2017, 917 Catanbrian pharmacists took part in the course.  

By March 2020, 16,000 posters and over 315,00 flyers had been distributed through the National Pharmaceutical Society in each of the 17 autonomous communities of Spain and 50 provinces.  By February 2019, 250,000 posters and flyers had been handed out and 100 pharmacists had taken part.


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