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To inform consumers about the WHO's low risk levels of consumption.


The campaign aimed to raise awareness of WHO guidelines on consumption: no more than 2 units a day for women, 3 for men, 4 per single session and 0 at least one day a week and for ''at risk'' groups of consumers, such as minors, drivers, pregnant women, etc (in line with WHO guidelines).  

The dedicated website contained the core campaign message as well as practical information on alcohol such as what a unit is. Online tools were available to calculate how many units of alcohol had been consumed and estimate the BAC level in order to avoid driving over the limit.  A Facebook page regularly posted to remind followers about responsible consumption.   The site was revamped in 2014 with a more modern look and feel.

A booklet was also created for the general public which explained what a unit of alcohol is, a reminder of sensible drinking levels and the address of the 2340 website.

Other promotions included:

  • In 2008 a radio message was developed carrying the campaign's key messages.
  • In 2009, a student awareness campaign was run in the Chartes Metropole region.  From 2009, posters with the "Partying is maximum 4 units" "Alcohol: control the risks" messages were part of the campaign. The first were aimed occasional drinkers and students to inform them about "binge drinking" and the second aimed at students to inform them of responsible drinking.
  • In order to highlight lower risk consumption during the holiday season and to encourage young people to visit the 2340 site a radio spot and web banner were hosted on Deezer and Spotify online music sites between 27 December 2010 and 9 January 2011.


National trade associations of the sector (FFS, ABF, FFVA, BNIC and IDAC)


Until December 2018 (the end of the camaign) the Facebook page had received over 5,000 "likes".  In 2018, the website had almost 80,000 visitors (more than 1,300,000 in total since launch).

Measurement & evaluation

Quality web-based survey conducted in 2012 (581 users) showed:

  • 67% considered the site "very interesting/very relevant," "interesting/relevant" and "informative" (down from 87% in 2007 and 72% in 2009).
  • 16% said they "would be more vigilant about risk situations.
  • 28% felt "better informed about safer consumption thresholds" (down from 51% in 2009).
  • 24% felt "more aware of alcohol units".
  • The "units calculator" was judged the most interesting part of the site (23%) whilst 18% thought that "the whole site" was interesting.
  • 2/3 of respondents first knew of the 2340 concept from the site, however an increasing number are aware of the concept through the marking of cans and bottles of alcoholic beverages (15%).
  • Nearly half of the site users are ordinary consumers.




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2007 presentation (in EN) (ppt - 1.13 Mo)
2008 evaluation (in EN) (ppt - 2.07 Mo)
2340 leaflet (pdf - 0.33 Mo)