-18, I check!

-18 ans, je contrôle !
Prévention et Modération
2020 > Ongoing
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To increase compliance with the law relating to selling alcohol to minors.

To provide training for sales staff to help them comply with the law.


ESCAPAD 2017 figures show that 14.3% of 17-year-olds say they have never drunk alcohol in their lifetime.  Experimentation (at least once in a lifetime use) with alcohol declined steadily since 2000 and fell by almost 9% in total over the previous 15 years.  Consumption in the previous month (at least once in the 30 days preceding the survey) also fell by 15.6% between 2003 and 2017.  However, these decreases did not result in a systematic decline in regular alcohol use which fluctuates over time.  Despite the decline in regular consumption from 12.3% to 8.4% between 2014 and 2017, it remains a problem especially among boys (12%) compared to girls (4.6%).

In 2018, the alcoholic beverage sector committed to strengthening their fight against risky behaviour and situations related to alcohol consumption, including action on underage drinking, in compliance with the National Public Health Plan “Priority Prevention”.  In accordance with this commitment, in December 2020, the Federation of Commerce and Distribution (FCD), the Groupement Les Mousquetaires, the Mouvement E. Leclerc, Prévention et Modération and Vin & Société rolled out the “-18, I check!” initiative.

The e-learning module for sales staff aims to educate sales staff about their responsibility in respecting the law.  The law states that alcohol must not be sold to minors and if staff are unsure about the age of a customer, they must ask for identification which proves that they are the legal age to buy alcohol.  The module has two sections and a summary:

  • An introduction which explains the law and repercussions for not respecting it.
  • Practical examples show 4 different situations where the customer may be underage. The user is asked how they would react before going on to explain the law, how to apply, and provide more information.   
  • A summary at the end of the practical examples reminds the user that they are responsible for respecting the law and the consequences for not doing so along with tips: ask for ID, refuse sale to minors and those who don’t show their ID, remind the customer about the law, don’t negotiate and ask for help from the manager or security if necessary.

The e-learning module has been added to existing training platforms of all participants.  In addition to the e-learning posters with the key messages for customers are displayed in alcohol departments of participating shops.


The Federation of Commerce and Distribution (FCD)

The Groupement Les Mousquetaires

The Mouvement E. Leclerc

Vin & Société


30,000 retail shops have delivered access for digital trainings through their digital platforms and 50 national companies have signed up to the training programme so far (December 2022).




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