Responsible drinking programmes
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• “Would you sell alcohol to your child?”
• “Vai tu pārdotu alkoholu savam bērnam?”
TIMING 2016 > Ongoing
Responsible selling/serving


  • Latvian Alcohol Industry Association


  • Latvian Merchants and Sellers association
  • Latvian Restaurant, Bars and Hotel association


  • To draw attention to the problem of alcohol consumption among minors.
  • To remind sales staff about the ban on selling alcohol to minors. 
  • To change the attitude towards young people, were they should provide and be asked to provide documents


  • The campaign was launched to coincide with the beginning of the 2016 school year, a time when many minors buy alcohol.
  • Visuals are used to support and encourage traders to always check whether a young person has reached the appropriate age to buy alcoholic beverages.  The seller is encouraged to imagine what it would be like to sell alcohol to their own child and what the consequences would be.
  • 2 big posters, 10 stickers and 10 flyers are distributed to retail stores, bards, restaurants and cafés.
  • A special journal for Members of parliament, sales persons and merchants was distributed in cooperation with the Latvian Merchants and sellers association.


  • More than 500 shops, bars and restaurants were provided with posters, stickers and flyers.  The biggest retail chains take part in the campaign as well as, many bars, restaurants and cafés (Maxima, Mego, Prisma, Elvi, Alk Outlet, Latvijas Balzams etc), which is more than expected.
  • The campaign had the potential to reach 2 million people:
    • TV: Mentioned 5 times in the TV news , as to data around 320,000 people were reached
    • Radio: Mentioned 11 times on the radio, as to around 220,000 people were reached
    • 10+ articles on the internet about the campaign
    • 1,000 copies of the special journal were distributed. 


  • Evalution was carried out with a Mystery shopper, a minor, who tried to purchase alcohol at the start of the campaign and at the end of it.  The idea was to test whether sales stuff would actually sell alcohol to minors without asking for ID.  The Mystery Shoppers (minors) were asked to try to look older and to try to buy alcohol without showing their ID.
    • At the beginning of the campaign: alcohol was sold to minors 17 out of 50 times (34%)
      - At the beginning of the campaign, the Govornment police stated that they would also be carrying out mystery shoping - at the same time as the campaign.  This means that the number of staff selling to minors would normally be higher.
    • At the end of the campaign: alchol was sold to minors 13 out of 50 times (26%)
  • As to the proportion of sales made: 
    • At the begging of the campaign: Boys were successulf at buying alcohol 2/25 times and girls were successul 15/25 times.
    • At the end of the campaign: Boys were successful at buying alcohol 0/25 times and girls were successful 13/25 times.
  • This shows that the problem is worse for girls since they often look much older than they actually are.
  • The Sales staff gave positive feedback about the campaign as in the daily work during the rush they happen to forget to ask the ID of the buyer. The campgain is great as it emotionally reminds us how important is for us to make sure that the buyer is of age.
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