Swimming without alcohol

Pływam bez promili
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To spread awareness about the dangers that are associated with swimming and practising water sports after drinking alcohol.


The campaign was launched due to the fact that every year hundreds of people are drowned when doing water sports or swimming, a large number of which had consumed alcohol. Ran by the Polish Vodka Association, the campaign is the longest run in Poland of its type.
Every year during the summer, posters informing people about the dangers of doing water sports or swimming after drinking alcohol are hung in coastal resorts, as well as in towns bordering lakes and rivers throughout the Poland. The campaign includes educational activities that are promoted at sporting events organised by the partners (eg. Polish Water Rescuers Cup, Port Praski, swimming marathons). 
Educational materials (t-shirts with the logo, gadgets, tablets with first aid instructions) are also distributed and a press conference held.
The campaign is supported by a Facebook page and regular competitions. It is also is actively supported by a number of athletes, including Przemyslaw Stanczyk, Pawel Korzeniowski and Otylia Jedrzejczak, Karol Okrasa (chef), Sebastian Szczęsny (sports journalist), Andrzej Pągowski (artist and author) and Rafal Chwałkowski (lifeguard).


Polish Vodka Association (leader)
River Police
Voluntary Water Rescue (WOPR)
Polish Canoe Federation (PZKaj)
The Association of Instructors and Trainers Canoeing (SITK)
Polish Angling Association (PAA)
Mazury Volunteer Ambulance Service (MOPR)
Polish Yachting Association (PYA)
Polish Motorboat and Water Skiing Association (PZMWiNW)


The initiative receives wide media coverage every year.
In 2016, it was promoted at 200 swimming marathons (Wielkopolska and Mazury region). Hundreds of posters were put up all over the country, including 200 at swimming pools.


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