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Pernod Ricard
2016 > Ongoing


To raise the issue of the responsible serving of alcohol with the on-trade channel.
To enforce self-regulation in the on-trade channel.
To limit the sale of alcohol to underage people.


The Responsible League is an informal organisation, open to night time venues to become members, founded as part of the effort to create a culture of responsible drinking and to limit harmful alcohol consumption.

The Responsible League objectives:

  • Create awareness of the responsible serving of alcohol and self-regulation among the owners of nightclubs.
  • Adopt guiding principles of responsible alcohol beverage retailing within the on-trade channel.
  • Provide knowledge and additional skills to Responsible League staff members regarding responsible serving of alcohol.
  • Conduct regular social responsibility campaigns to raise consumer awareness on the issue of responsible drinking.

The project has a dedicated website which contains all of the campaign information.


Bulgarian Association of car accident victims
State Agency for Child Protection


Until December 2016: 

  • Responsible serving of alcohol: 96 (out of 200) night club staff were trained and the "guiding principles of responsible beverage alcohol retailing in the on-trade" were created.
  • Campaigns: A total of 500,000 night club customers were reached by the “You're not 18? Alcohol will wait!” (dedicated to limiting the sale of alcohol to underage people) and “Bill for accident” (on the “don’t drink and drive” topic).
  • Five emblematic venues for Sofia nightlife are members: Bedroom, Carrusel, Cpture Beat, Club 365, Once upon a time ... and Biblioteka.  All of which adopted the guiding principles of responsible beverage alcohol retailing in the on-trade.



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