Internal Social Responsibility Policy

2005 > Ongoing
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To raise employee awareness of corporate social responsibility policies, the importance of responsible consumption and personal conduct.


All employees (including all new recruits) attend a workshop tailored to their department in order to provide training specific to different job functions.
A dedicated intranet is accessible to all employees covers issues such as Social Responsibility, moderate consumption and risks associated with misuse.
All employees and third parties receive a the "Corporate Social Responsibility Brochure" which is also available on the intranet.
Reminders of policy, actions and responsible drinking messages are included in all internal communications and shown on the intranet.


All employees have received a paper copy of the brochure (around 300 including the sales force).
Around 300 third parties and stakeholders have received the brochure.

Measurement & evaluation

All employees are requested to answer a questionnaire after training on how useful they found it. Results show:

Training is highly appreciated, and seen as very useful information for their daily work and in order to understand the alcohol-related risks.

Employees affirm that the training and the CRS Brochure help to create a "proud of belonging to Bacardi" feeling.


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