I’ve drank – I won’t drive. I react!

Piłem - nie jadę. Reaguję!
Pernod Ricard
2015 > Ongoing
#AwarenessRaising #DesignatedDrivers


To reduce the number of drink-drivers.
To encourage people to react in order to stop a drunk person from driving.


The campaign focuses on the need to respond when witnessing a situation in which someone wants to drive a car after drinking.
Two videos were created that show absurd, but effective, reactions to stop a person that had been drinking from driving a vehicle.   In one video, a young man ends up starting at his taped up car.  The other video shows a young woman leaving a party to find a bed instead of her car. 
In addition to the videos, a poster was handed out during the Responsible’ALL DAY activation on 11 June.  The poster contains 4 tips for dealing with someone who wants to drive drunk: planning, establishing contact, persuasion and action. 


ZP PPS (Polish Spirits Industry)
PVA (Polish Vodka Association)
Polish Motor Transport Institute
The city of Poznan


The young man video had 1,164 and the young woman video had 637 views (on youtube) until December 2016.


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