Minors, not a single drop: over 100 reasons why minors should not drink alcohol

Menores ni una gota: Más de 100 razones por las que un menor no debe beber
Federación Española de Bebidas Espirituosas
2013 > Ongoing
#Parents&Teachers #AwarenessRaising


To inform and raise awareness of the risks related to premature consumption in order to:
delay the age of the onset of drinking. 
increase understanding of the risks to physical and mental health development of pupils.
change the perception around underage drinking to make it socially unacceptable.
help parents to set clearer rules for their kids and stick to them.


The campaign was launched in December 2013.  It was the first campaign where the spirits industry and the Ministry of Health joined together in order to inform and raise awareness of the risks related to premature consumption. 

The messages are tailored for the different target groups: 

For Parents: A dedicated website provides parents with information, through tools and messages, to talk at home with their children about the risks of underage drinking.  The site also suggests different leisure activities for families to do together.  The “Minors not a single drop. Over 100 reasons why minors shopd not drink alcohol” guide, created in collaboration with Rocio Ramos-Paúl a renowned psychologist and well known TV “Supernanny".  The guide is free and can be downloaded from the website; it´s is a tool for parents on how to approach the subject, the website also offers families a variety of leisure activities to do with their children and other ideas.   
Family workshops: Workshops for families where Rocio Ramos-Paúl talks about the importance of the Guide and its messages. 

The guide and the workshops are tools for the families to help approach situations with tips and tools to better talk and reach out to their children about alcohol, the risk associated with underage drinking and help them to think and behave in these situations.

For pupils: A dedicated website offers different targeted leisure activities.  Support is given by renowned rap and hip hop artist "Rayden" (whose songs emphasise pupils' ability to believe in themselves and to face, and overcome common teenage problems without fear) who sang why teenagers shopd not drink in a video clip called "Be Yourself".  In addition, a competition was held on social networks where minors were asked to provide reasons not to drink and to propose alternate leisure activities.  Winners  took part in the video clip.  
For society: To increase the society awareness of the risk of underage drinking we have the support of celebrities that help us to broadcast the messazge and give our message "Minors not a single drop"  visibility so far we have about 200 celebrities that support our campaign.

Agreements are signed with town halls and social stakeholders to develop different activities within the campaign.  The project "Minors not a single drop" was created as a result of the agreement with town halls and regional governments.  FEBE also offers tools to confront underage alcohol consumption.
 So far over 200 public and private entities support the campaign and help us to make our message stronger.


Ministry of Health
Town Halls
Social Stakeholders
The Institute of Youth of Spain (Injuve) 


The campaign has a presence in  the radio, newspapers, the internet and social media.  

The parents' website had 95,720 visits.  Around 25% (25,820) of the visitors downloaded the guide for parents. Over 21% came back at least once to the site.
Proyect Minors not a single drop: Over 200 town halls and private entities joined the network reaching 6,000,000 people. 38,300 guides for families were issued in relation to the project. 
Workshops: 19 workshops were held and 3,120 families participated.
Celebrities: Over 200 celebrities collaborated with the campaign. 
Social Media:  3,705 followers on Facebook , 519 followers on Twitter,  282 followers in IG.  
Video clip: the clip had 1,4 hits on youtube.  The song was downloaded over 1,700 times and accessed 265,000 times in Spotify. 
Social Media: mainly adpt women (85%), worried about the education of their children, followed on social media.  They were very receptive and positive towards the communications. The posts that generated the most response from followers were those related to Rocio Ramos-Pap and to Rayden. The engagement rate of the campaign was a very positive 5,57% (usually around 3%).

Measurement & evaluation

The objetives of the research are to evaluted parents workshops, the knowledge about the alcohol consumption of their children, and the helpfulness of the workshops for them. 

  • 81% of the parents evaluated the workshop as very helpfull. When we asked the attendees about the usefulness of these meetings and the tools provied the tell us that the workshops help them to talk with their children about alcohol misuse.

 The families are concerned about:

  •  1 out of 4 are worried about the lost of control that can cause alcohol consumption, such as accidents or the consequences in the short term.
  • 26% are concerned about the health problems associated to an early consumption between minors.
  • 1 out of 4 they are worried about that alcohol consumption becomes an addiction.
  • 19% thinks that an early consumption is linked to the leisure and the way they socializase.





Minors not a single drop

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