Responsible drinking programmes
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• “Sober about alcohol”
• “Trezno o alkoholu”
COUNTRY Slovenia
TIMING 2015 > Ongoing
Underage drinking


  • Pernod Ricard


  • Economic Interest Grouping producers and distributors of spirits (GIZ PDŽP) leader.  Members include Brown Forman and Pernod Ricard.
  • Family Lab (education experts)


  • To reduce the number of pupils who drink alcohol. 
  • To promote responsible attitudes towards alcohol
  • To implement a holistic approach to education about alcohol. 


  • Data shows that Slovenian youth start to consume alcoholic beverages early.  Therefore, GIZ PDŽP, in cooperation with FamilyLab designed the programme focussing on pupils aged 12 to 14 years (7th and 8th grade).
  • The programme was launched as a pilot at selected schools for the 2015-2016 school year.
  • The programme consists of:
    • A 5-hour seminar for Primary School staff: it covers topics such as the characteristics of the teenage brain and implications in everyday life; the tendency of teenagers to risky behaviour and reasons for it; the consequences of alcohol consumption in adolescents and how to have a beneficial impact on adolescent behavior and self-esteem.
    • 3 lectures for parents: 
      I. CAUTION, an exciting mix of brain, drugs, teenagers.  Topics include: alcohol and drugs in Slovenia, the basic characteristics of neurological "addiction" patterns and structures and the consequences of alcohol and drugs abuse among adolescents.
      II. Self-esteem - basic protective factor which covers self-confidence and self-esteem, what they are, how they work, consequences of a lack and how to develop them.
      III. Is teens necessarily a time of conflicts and misunderstandings? Which covers conflicts and how to avoid them.
    • Experiential workshops for pupils: Role play and practice on the topic of self-esteem and personal responsibility for students, which are the main protective factors in relation to responsible use of alcohol.


  • The project was carried in four primary schools (1 Ljubljana, 1 in Maribor, 1 in Koper and 1 in Ljutomer).  It reached: 1164 (785 adults and 379 pupils). 


Evaluation of the pilot:
  • Direct feedback given by participants immediately after an activity.  Results show:
    • Participants of all three groups showed a high degree of satisfaction with the programme, both with content and procedural terms.
    • Participants from all schools indicated a desire and need to continue the project.
    • Pupils showed a high degree of active participation in the discussion, while during the workshops they expressed an open and disinhibited need for - and lack of - such or similar programs.
  • Evaluation of the program was held in collaboration with key professional staff at the school where the program was held. The evaluation team was composed of experts in the field of counselling, the establishment of preventive action and crisis intervention, school leaders and performers of the program. Significant contribution in terms of raising awareness of adults (teachers and parents) was observed. The programme gave parents insight on alcohol effects on physical development and how to effectively communicate with teenagers.  Results show:
    •  At the level of teacher education the program helped participants to recognise the importance of their role for a healthy development of teenagers, and establishing good relationship teacher – teenager. It was observed that teenagers are often willing to trust teachers distress and excessive or harmful use of alcohol, so teachers should be aware of the factors and methods of constructive intervention.
    • It is estimated that the program significantly contributed to better understanding and awareness of target groups for responsible use of alcohol in Slovenia. Since the matter is not approached from moralistic, but the existential point of view, it is more effective in influencing the change of habits, views, attitudes and behaviour of key participants, while the content that participants receive has a greater practical value in everyday life. The latest findings and knowledge in the field of inter and intra psychology, relational skills and neuroscience, which have been included in the contents of this educational programme make this programme especially relevant and useful.
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