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Underage drinking


  • Romanian Forum For Responsible Drinking


  • Spirits Romania (campaign leader)
  • Autoritatea Nationala pentru Protectia Consumatorilor (national consumer protection authority)
  • Romanian Football Federation
  • Reatilers Carrefour and Rewe (Penny Markt, XXL Mega Discount)
  • Psychotherapist Olivia Mocanu (campaign endorser)


  • Raise the public’s awareness regarding the dangers of alcohol consumption for underage people and inform them regarding the legislation applicable in this field.
  • Inform parents on the effects that alcohol consumption have on underage people and the way they should approach this issue when talking to their children.  
  • Correctly inform underage people so as to enable them to make informed choices and change the perception that consuming alcohol is a solution to their problems or that consuming alcohol is normal. 


  • The campaign was launched after recent research showed that underage drinking is a common practice in Romania: A UNICEF study found that over 42% of Romanian teenagers (14 – 18) drank alcohol and a consulting company found that most teenagers consider that drinking alcohol is normal and have no idea about its effects on their body.  As a result, the campaign was aimed at teenagers (14-18 year olds) and their parents.
  • The campaign used traditional and social media channels, as well as activities in cooperation with the campaign’s partners to spread the key messages:
    • Drinking alcohol under 18 is illegal and damages your health.
    • There are alternatives drinking alcohol in order to have a good time
    • Drinking alcohol is an adult-only activity: it is irresponsible to allow teenagers to drink.
  • Activities are supported by a Facebook page, website, website banners and various information materials displayed in partner retail stores.
  • The campaign was launched as a 4-months pilot project, targeting parents and it had the following elements: press conference featuring Spirits Romania, campaign partners and endorsers; media partnership with generalist newspaper Adevarul and with several parenting online portals; partnership with bloggers focused on education and parenting; promotion of the campaign key messages in social media (Facebook); display of information materials at the alcohol shelfs in partner retail stores (over 350 stores nationwide); partnership with psychotherapists and the creation of a "Guide for parents" with advice on how to deal with their children's alcohol problems


During the 4 months duration of the campaign, the following results were registered:
Traditional media:
  • 50+ articles published in the media, with 300.000+ article views;
  • 3 live shows featuring psychotherapists with 1.000+ views 
  • 60+ articles generated by the press conference (8 TV&radio news, 4 newswires, 32 onlie portals, 18 news aggregators)
Social media:
  • 5 articles in parenting blogs with 12.300+ views and 59 comments;
  • 5.000 fans of the campaign's Facebook page, 32.000+ engaged users, 830.000+ posts reach;
Retailers partnerships:
  • 350 retail stores nationwide displayed the campaign materials
  • 40.000.000+ visits in parter stores during the period in which the campaign materials were displayed
Campaign website:
  • 1500+ visitors, 5.600 visits


  • Insights and analysis – positive highlights

    Content-based communication: The use of data and informed opinions, explaining why alcohol is bad for underage persons and how parents should approach the communication with their children, captured the audiences’ attention and increased the visibility of the campaign.
    Specialist endorsement: Specialists willing to explain in simple terms what the effects of alcohol are on underage persons added credibility and legitimacy to the campaign and was of great interest for the media.
    Presence on Facebook: Online presence enabled targeting a large audience at relatively low costs. The campaign gathered a considerable community of fans, easy to target with the campaign’s key messages, which can also be used to test and calibrate future communication tactics.   
    Insights and analysis – next steps
    Full-time endorser: A specialist willing to speak out and have a hands-on approach whenever necessary would bring more weight to the campaign and allow more interactive activities with the current community of followers on Facebook. Also, in addition to a psychotherapist, it would be nice to have a specialist in medicine (general practitioner) to talk about the physical effects of alcohol on the human body ampaign.
    Partnership with other sports federations: Providing an alternative to drinking alcohol, especially if it’s a healthy activity like doing sports, is a good tactic that is likely to catch the attention of the target audience. Widening the partnership with sports federations would boost the reach of the message and would enable organizing a wider range of activities.
    Study of impact of underage alcohol consumption: A study showing the extent and effects of this phenomenon in Romania would help correctly asses its impact and would give more weight to the engagement with public authorities and the media. 
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