Responsible drinking programmes
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• “Teach-It Alcohol Awareness”
COUNTRY United Kingdom
TIMING 2010 > 2012
Underage drinking


  • Diageo


  • Do-Be (educational resource provider)


  • To stimulate discussion and to raise awareness about alcohol.
  • To address the dangers of irresponsible alcohol consumption.
  • To build pupils confidence and self-esteem to help empower them to make informed, positive choices.
  • To promote responsible approaches to alcohol in the community.


  • Launched first as a project backed by the Fife Alcohol Partnership in January 2010, the Teach-It Alcohol Awareness course, was created by Do-Be with funding by Diageo.
  • The programme, aimed at pupils between 12 and 14 years of age, involves a series of interactive, motivational and confidence-building workshops where they explore decision-making, peer pressure, motivation, brain science and emotional intelligence New technologies and web tools are used to explore alcohol in a relevant and engaging way with systems including Voki, Pixton, Wordle and GoAnimate to bring the learning "alive". Pupils are encouraged to create a variety of work on the subject through videos, comic strips, podcasts, animation, word clouds, posters and presentations allowing them to end the course with a portfolio of alcohol awareness related work to support their health and wellbeing curriculum beyond. The program has been designed to fit into the Curriculum for Excellence, but offers teachers the opportunity to tackle the subject as a stand-alone project.
  • Teachers take part in a training session to give them the confidence to deliver alcohol awareness to students in creative and engaging way. They are also given Teach-It Alcohol Awareness packs, lesson ideas and online access.
  • Due to its sucess, the project has since been extended first to other schools in Fife then to wider Scottish and UK local authorities.


  • More than 200 pupils at Inverkeithing High School participated in the project programme and their work was "showcased" to parents and other interested parties. Many of the pupils involved volunteered to keep the momentum going by becoming mentors to the younger pupils in the school.
  • After the pilot's end, the programme was expanded into 11 secondary schools in Aberdeenshire. Education officials worked with the project developers to design a programme that best suited the requirements of each of the schools in the area.
  • In September 2010 the project was nominated for the Fife Business Awards' "Best Business and Education Partnership" category and got through to the finals. 
  • Schools in Bedford (England) have given the course since September 2011. It has also been adapted and run by the Drinkaware Trust.


  • Feedback has been really positive:
    • Val Kennedy, Curriculum Leader at Inverkeithing High School: "The project encouraged the pupils to become more responsible citizens both by educating them about the risks associated with drinking alcohol and encouraging them to make more informed choices when faced with peer pressure" and "It also helped the S3 pupils to become more effective contributors through supporting them to become peer educators of S1 and S2 pupils in the school".
    • Ian Yuile, Head Teacher at Inverkeithing High School: "My staff were proud to be part of the pilot as it was completely new and they all gained the skills and tools required to teach alcohol awareness effectively. Our pupils loved it too – we've never had 100% positive feedback before!"
    • Teachers loved the fact that they were looking at fresh ways to teach alcohol and responsible drinking but they were also increasing their digital confidence and learning new skills that were transferable across the curriculum.
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