Responsible drinking programmes
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• “Not 18? No chance!”
• “Nemas 18? Nemas sancu!”
COUNTRY Slovakia
TIMING 2011 > 2012
Responsible selling/serving


  • Fórum PSR Slovensko


  • Liga vynimocnych (informal association of over 1,000 bars, restaurants and pubs)
  • 2011, 2012 and 2013: spiritsEUROPE (partly funded through the budget line programme)


  • To train barstaff and waiters about the law, health and ethical aspects relating to teenagers who drink.
  • To reduce the number of minors who drink alcohol.


  • Barmen, waiters and other bar staff receive training on how to deal with teenagers asking for alcohol, customer relationships, the Slovak law and the ethics of selling of alcohol. Focus is on highlighting the dangers to health for under 18's who drink. The special horeca section of the consumer information website is recommended for further information.  An on-line application, "Guess the age!", is used as part of training to help staff recognise the age of potential clients and where the player needs to guess where the person shown is over or under 18 years old.  Those guessing correctly receive a small gift. 
  • Premises where staff were trained receive a green "drink wisely" sticker to show.  In addition bars are able to design and print their own menu for free using the "instant menu" application? Forum PSR's logo and Responsible Drinking Message are added to the menus printed with the application.
  • To complement the initiative, information leaflets are handed to customers in bars, citylights (illuminated billboards) are displayed, PR articles were sent to the press.
  • In October 2012, an iPhone/iPad application was launched to help on-trade staff determine which of the "customers" are 18 or over and those who are under. It also explains the importance of resonsible drinking and avoiding serving alcohol to underage. The application is a version of the "Guess the age!" game.


  • In 2011, 10 trainers went to more than 1,000 bars, clubs, restaurants and pubs all over Slovakia to train a total of around 4,000 bar staff. 10 trainer manuals and 5,000 trainee manuals were printed. Logo and consumer information web addresses were printed on 2,400 bar menus and 20,000 leaflets were given to customers.
  • In 2012, 2,914 staff were trained in 1,094 venues and 5,000 leaflets distributed. The Application was second place within the free applications section and has remained in the top ten since. In the education category it is still the top downloaded application.


  • Evaluation of the programme was carried out in 2012.  All 2,914 trainees filled in a written questionnaire before and after the training session, followed by a web-survey once month after. A qualitative survey was done with the ten trainers to identify areas for improvement in the programme.
    • Before the training: 81% had never read the very restrictive legislation applying in Slovakia in particular regarding underage and this was the biggest surprise that emerged over all the training sessions and yet 92% had been confronted with situation when somebody else wanted to order alcohol for a friend below the legal purchasing age.
    • Following training sessions: 99% felt equipped with knowledge and skills to refusing selling to underage; 68% felt the training was very useful and 31% useful and 99% claimed they would participate to a new training sessions.
  • The trainers recommend more regular training sessions to ensure all staff are trained in a sector with high-turnover, part-time contracts and students working during holiday seasons.
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