Responsible drinking programmes
supported by European spirits producers

• “Drink Wise!”
• “BBBien!”
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  • Diageo


  • ECO (Association of Businessmen for Quality Leisure)
  • Madrid Regional Transport Consortium
  • Madrid City Council Road Safety and Mobility Department
  • From 2013 Eroski (supermarket/hypermarket chain)


  • To promote the use of the designated driver and public transport.
  • To raise awareness among students (18-25) about responsible drinking.


  • The campaign was launched in 2007 with the “If you go out tonight, transport (behave) yourself well” (Si sales de noche, trans-portate bien) tag line. It was originally run in Madrid throughout the year with extra promotions at key times such as at Christmas, Easter and during summer. Key messages include: don't get distracted at the wheel, don't drink and drive and use of the designated driver.
  • To support an alternative means for consumers to return home public transport maps showing information on all the night bus networks in Madrid, especially those located in popular nightspots are handed out in bars, clubs and on buses. Included in the maps are “Responsible Drinking and Drinking and Driving tips'”. At weekends and the eve of holiday's extra "búhos" (''night owl'') buses are made available between 11.30pm and 6am.
  • Christmas 2009 a new “exclusive taxi” service was introduced. The taxi pick-up service, in participating premises, allows the person ordering the taxi to wait safely inside for their ride to arrive. The premises also hand out promotional materials and tips for having fun responsibly.
  • In 2010 the programme was expanded to social media to create an online community using Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. The Facebook page contains messaging around the dangers of mixing drinking and driving, ideas and experiences of others around responsible drinking, advice and information and runs promotional competitions.
  • The ‘BBBien! iPhone ’app was launched in December 2010. The app contains georeferences for taxi, night buses, subway and trains for every capital city in Spain. Taxis can also be called from the app. It also includes a game where the user is able to choose a designated driver, responsible drinking advice and a quiz to test knowledge about the effects of alcohol and how to consume responsibly. In addition, for each download Diageo donates 1 euro to AESLEME (Association for the Study of Spinal Cord Injury).
  • During Christmas 2013 Diageo partnered with supermarket Eroski to launch a point-of-sale education campaign enlisting the support of consumers in efforts to prevent underage alcohol consumption. With the help of Eroski staff members, the campaign encouraged shoppers over 18 years old who purchased alcohol products to sign a "pact" agreeing to consume responsibly and not to supply alcohol to underage.
  • Spanish celebrities support the campaign such as singer Lourdes Hernández, artist Red Russian, designer Juanjo Oliva, actor Luis Tosar, F1 driver Pedro de la Rosa and radio announcer Carmen Lomana.
  • Specific one-off promotions also take place, such as in 2007, all attendees of the "El Encuentro Cacique Rum" event received headphones playing the campaign messages. Rear-view mirror hangers were also given to drivers (60% of attendees). In July 2010 the “Operation Exit Safety Car” was carried out. Pedro de la Rosa promoted the "Safety Car" in order to raise awareness of the precautions drivers should take to reach the end of their journey. A comic video was also created to support the promotion. The video-enabled the viewer to see himself with his friends and Pedro de la Rosa in the same car and decide “who will be the driver tonight”.  


  • The night bus network ran for 191,095 hours servicing over 6.8 million passengers during 2007. In addition 2,000 attended the "El Encuentro Cacique Rum" event, of which 800 used the bus service.
  • More than 500 venues in Madrid joined the campaign in 2009 and 1,500 taxis were available each night.
  • 30,000 pins were distributed; 500 t-shirts were given to bar tenders; 3,500 posters were displayed; 3,500 stickers were handed out; 245,000 maps were distributed and six million people were reached through media coverage in 2009.
  • During 2010 500,000 calendars were made available in taxis and 150,000 flyers with information about the campaign were distributed in Madrid. 2,000 sunshades for cars were handed out and booklets were distributed to journalists during the press events. More than 25 million people were reached through the media campaign. YouTube videos were viewed 19,000 times (unique viewers) In December 2010, only five days after its launch, the application had been downloaded more than 7,000 times. For the whole holiday period it was downloaded 17,000 times.
  • In December 2013 the 90 Eroski supermarkets took part. 85,000 leaflets and 85,000 magnets with responsible drinking content were distributed. 6 million people were reached in-store. More than 13 million people were reached via the media coverage.
  • From December 2013 to April 2014: 50 million people were reached through the advertising campaign and media coverage. The Facebook page had over 4,000 fans and 300,000 impacts.


  • The campaign was awarded the title of "Premios Ocio de Calidad 2008" by the ECO in Madrid on 13th May 2009.
  • The campaign was awarded the title of "One of the best 100 ideas of the year" by Actualidad Económica on the 14th July 2009.
  • While it is not possible to demonstrate a direct link, Diageo believes that the campaign contributed - together with other industry and institutional efforts - to the goal of reducing the number of fatal car accidents from 3,000 in 2010 to around 2,000 in 2013.
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